Kids and Golf

Kids and Golf

Getting kids interested in sports is not easy to do these days but there are plenty of sports that will capture the imagination. Golf is one of these. It is a game of skill and requires a great deal of consideration and thought. Any child that has analytical skills will love it.

Most golf courses offer lessons with a professional and there is the option for children to take these lessons too. Occasionally during school holidays the courses and clubs will run non-residential camps for the kids to spend a few days on the course practicing their skills.

Any child that is interested in golf club membership may be able to get a junior membership at their local club. The costs for this will vary from club to club and may involve either annual fees or a ‘pay as you go’ approach for each round played.

Golf memorabilia

Any kid that is interested in golf will want to start collecting golf equipment and memorabilia. This is not going to be an inexpensive hobby, but there are easy ways to incorporate the golf theme into their daily lives without breaking the bank.

Golf-themed wallpaper is an option for decorating a bedroom. Consider the range offered by, which is ideal no matter what the age of the child. The whole room does not have to have golf wallpaper on it, simply select one wall and make a feature of it. Shopping online at is quick and easy and the wallpapers are great value so they suit every budget.

Other memorabilia can be collected on sites such as eBay. Items such as signed photos of their favourite players, second-hand but good quality golf clubs, bags and even clothing are all available too. Shop around for bargains as brand new items can be expensive. While your child is growing some items will soon be the wrong size for them, making it more cost effective to buy things like clubs second-hand. You can then sell these on when your child reaches the point where they need to upgrade their golf kit.