Start Easy: Basics of Playing Golf

Start Easy: Basics of Playing Golf

Golf is a simple sporting discipline which is played using a ball and a club. Golfers are required to make a score using the minimum number of shots possible. This game requires a large open area for use as a playing ground.

Golf courses have a varying number of holes into which golfers are required to put the ball. Golf holes have different styles of play which makes the game complete whether the course has the required number of holes or just half of them.

The Playing Area

Golf courses have a certain requirement that makes them eligible to host a complete golf game. For instance, they should either have a total of 18 or 9 holes. The course should also have a well-marked teeing area. It should have two markers to show the golfers the legal train area. Golf courses are designed to cause problems to golfers in the course of playing. Some parts of the courses have a rough ground and others have bushes. There are also water hazards that are set intentionally on the course. The putting area is a friendly area as the grass in the area is well-trimmed. Grass on the course is allowed to grow to different levels to increase the level of difficulty.


A standard round of golf is made up of a total of 18 holes. These holes are played according to the layout of the golf course. Each hole should only be played once. This game can be played by any number of people who might be interested. It can take up to 4 hours to complete the 18-hole round and up to 2 hours to complete the 9 nine-hole round.


Every game should have a set of rules so as to control it and also increase the amount of fun. They also ensure fairness on the golf course. Golfers are told to play golf no matter the condition of the course as it is the set challenge. There is a rule that does not allow any professional golfer to take part in an amateur golf competition. Apart from the set of rules helping the golfers, there are also a number of etiquette guidelines that help improve the safety and fairness of golfers on a golf course. These guidelines do not have any penalties attached to them.

Golf is played using a club. There are different types of clubs and each club has its speciality. For instance, the wooden club is used to hit the ball over long distances. One is allowed to carry as many clubs as one would desire. One is also allowed to use different types of clubs to make various hits. A golfer is only allowed to use 14 clubs in one game.