Safety Tips When Playing Golf

Safety Tips When Playing Golf

Golf is one of the safest games to play. If golfers and golf course managers follow just a few rules, then it becomes the safest outdoor sport. Most of these rules could be described as common-sense rules. Here are a few tips on how to make your golfing experience a safe one.

Play Only When Fit

The first thing you need to do before playing any sport is to make sure you are physically fit. Physical fitness is very important as it reduces the chance of hurting one’s muscles. Right before playing the game, warming up and stretching is highly advisable. This could be achieved by jogging, making short teeing ups and maybe some jumps. Stretching prevents muscle cramps while in the game.

Use the Right Gear

A golfer should also make sure they are wearing the right golfing gear. A pair of gloves is necessary. Gloves will prevent the player from getting blisters while at the same time providing a firm grip on the club thus, preventing it from slipping and causing injuries to people nearby. Golfing shoes should be those with spikes, preferably plastic since most courses don’t allow metal spikes. They will reduce the chances of slipping and falling. Make sure you have a licensed golf cart driver. Accidents caused by golf carts could result in unnecessary injuries.

Look Out For Other Course users

While playing the game, players should look out for fellow people around the course. Make sure you are clear before making a swing to avoid hitting anyone with the club or the golf ball. Sometimes you may notice someone who had not cleared from the fairway after the ball has been hit. Warn them by shouting ‘fore’ so they can take cover.

Stay hydrated

Players should make sure they stay hydrated while on the course. This can be achieved by carrying a water bottle with you. Sometimes water points and water delivery services are provided by the golf course management. Staying hydrated helps in cooling down and in relaxing muscles.

Beware of Changing Weather

It is also important to check out the weather before embarking on a golfing trip. Look out for thunderstorms and hailstones. No one wants to be playing under those. Watch out for lighting as well. Lightning strikes are deadly.