True Golf Addiction? Trump Goes Golfing as Election is Called

True Golf Addiction? Trump Goes Golfing as Election is Called

You’d think that a normal guy would be seated somewhere or pacing in an office when he’s about to lose a presidential election. But then, that’s an average guy, not Donald John Trump. When the 2020 US presidential was called, the 45th US president was out golfing at his Trump National Golf club in Virginia.

The president was captured on camera from almost a mile away as he had a round of golf with a few people. At the time, sources were calling the state of Pennsylvania, which meant that Joe Biden had reached the 270 college vote mark required to win the election. Most photographers present at the scene said it was difficult to capture the shots due to the distance, let alone read the president’s body language to know whether he knew about the election or not.

Addiction or Rebelliousness

This was not the first time Trump has been caught golfing when he would have been expected to be doing something else. Earlier in 2020, he had a spat with Sadique Khan, the Mayor of London, for going golfing when attending an event to mark the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the Nazis.

Trump’s ways might depict a man who truly loves golf. Fair enough; after all, this is a sport that has been known to aid relaxation of the mind during tense times. Many golfers use it as an outlet once in a while.

On the other hand, it may be Trump’s show of protesting whatever he does not support. He was not enthusiastic about the Polish celebration, neither has he been about the 2020 election which has all but made him a one-term president. After an online and offline meltdown in which he claimed he had won the election and called the process a fraud, golfing might have just been a way to show that he was no longer interested in the process.

Either way, the president had a good time, hopefully.