Trump gets slammed for going golfing on weekend of Nazi invasion remembrance

Trump gets slammed for going golfing on weekend of Nazi invasion remembrance

The American head of state Donald Trump got into a heated exchange with London Mayor Sadique Khan recently. This did not come as a surprise to many since it was not a first-time clash between the two leaders. The main cause of this was Poland’s event of remembering of the Nazi invasion. This happened on Tuesday when the mayor criticized the powerful president for not attending the event.

President Donald Trump termed the London mayor as incompetent in a tweet. In the tweet, Trump misspelt the mayor’s name and it gave the mayor something to talk about in the exchange. Trump claimed that the mayor was bothered by the fact that he played a fast round of golf. The president based his argument of incompetence from the level of insecurity in the streets of London saying that Khan should focus on the knife crime in London and thus should stay out of his business. He even said that people are afraid to walk in London streets.

The main reason for the disagreement was that Khan had attended an event in Poland during that weekend and Donald Trump did not attend. The ceremony was to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Nazi’s invasion of Poland that had caused the start of World War II. The US President opted to go golfing at his private golf club located in Virginia instead of attending the ceremony.

The president has severally faced criticism because of over engaging in golf.

Khan addressed a media platform and called trump ‘the global poster boy for white nationalism.’ Trump was asked if he had any message for Poland on their anniversary and said that he wanted to congratulate them and said that it is a great country with great people.