Interesting Facts About Golf

Interesting Facts About Golf

There is no doubt that golf is a fun game. The popularity of the game has been increasing over the years, and it has now been rated as one of the activities that attract a lot of viewership on global sports sites. If you love golf or are developing an interest in the game, some of the fun facts about it include:

  • The first game of golf was conceptualised in Scotland in 1457. After it became popular, the Scottish government banned it thrice because it was blamed for distracting people and discouraging them from military training.
  • The St. Andrews’s golf club in Scotland is considered to be the oldest in the world. It is often referred to by many sports enthusiasts as the Home of Golf.
  • The world caddy, used to mean a person who carries a golfer’s bag is derived from cadet, a French word that means young child.
  • One of the most famous names in golf is Tiger Woods. Since he started playing in 1996, he has won the Professional Golfers Association (PGA) tournament 77 times.
  • On a hot day, a golf ball travels faster because the density of the air is low making the velocity with which the ball moves to be lower. This could explain why most golfers brave sunny days and drive to the golf course with their cars under sun protectors such as the ones made at the evofilmshop, or maybe they love the game in all weathers.
  • You have to be extremely lucky to hit two holes in one during a single round. Statistics say the chances are close to one in 67 million.
  • When golf balls were first being made, they were constructed from goose feathers and leather. Wood has also been used as a material for golf balls before it was changed to the current plastic and rubber.
  • If you are not making a high handicap as a golfer, you should not worry too much about it. The reality is that only 20 per cent of golfers can achieve a handicap of less than 18.
  • Japan is the home to the longest golf hole. It measures almost 900 metres and is located at the Satsuki Golf Club.
  • Tactu Golf Club in Peru is the highest club. It is almost 4500 metres above sea level.
  • Other than throwing the javelin, golf is one of the games that has been played on the moon.
  • Popular American golfer Phil Mickelson, also known as Lefty, is actually right-handed. He, however, became good at playing golf with his left hand because he would go with his dad to the golf course and copy what he was doing.
  • The longest putt that has been recorded in the field of golf is 115 metres.
  • Before golf tees became popular, golfers would build sand piles to play from.


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