Issues Of Pace Becoming A Concern in Golf

Issues Of Pace Becoming A Concern in Golf

Golf is an old sport which has been constantly evolving over the years. It has been gaining popularity since the 19th century taking a more professional approach. A lot of new ideas are being included in the play and old outdated ones being modified or done with entirely. A recent issue of concern is the speed of play.

A number of top golfers have recently voiced their concerns on the same topic. Rory Mcllroy termed it ‘an epidemic.’ Brooks Koepca also voiced his dissatisfaction claiming it seems sports psychologists are advising players to take their time and at the same said he thinks it has gotten out of hand. Tiger woods echoed the same message. He said the complaints were not new and that they had been fighting for play speed up ever since he was a kid.

Rory Mcllroy volunteered a way forward, saying there is a need for strict penalties on time wasters. He also added that golf may have to adopt a shot clock.

Slow play is not only boring to the casual onlooker but also fellow competitors. It disrupts consistency in the flow of play. Stakeholders are not advocating for rush shots, but for time management in the build-up to the shot.